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Zephyrhills Gardner Patient Now Hears Television Without Closed Captioning

KG has been coming to Gardner Audiology since 1999. Over the years she has been seen in several of our offices, including Inverness and Zephyrhills. In 2007 Vocational Rehabilitation referred her to us because she was having difficulty understanding her supervisors on the job with her older hearing aids. We fitted her with new hearing aids and she did well for several years. Last year she came in noticing more difficulty understanding again, but was unable to afford new hearing aids at that time. We discussed starting to plan and budget toward a new set. She came in 6 weeks ago ready to try!

We decided to trial a set of Starkey Wi i70 receiver in the canal hearing aids. Understanding television has been a point of frustration for her and she must use closed captioning. She would consider trying the higher level hearing aids if she struggled, especially in noisy settings, but we were trying to keep the cost down if possible.

One week post-fitting, KG returned thrilled with her hearing improvement and loving the wireless TV streaming. For the first time in many years she can watch TV without closed captioning! Over the next week she went out to dinner with family and understood everyone. She purchased the hearing aids and the television streamer.

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Jodi Conter, Au.D., Audiologist

Jodi Conter, Au.D., Audiologist

Doctor of Audiology from A.T. Still University
Jodi Conter, Au.D., Audiologist

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