Zephyrhills Gardner Audiology patient has new found joy with hearing equally out of both ears

BS has been coming to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology for 7 years. Over the years she has worn two different hearing aids in her right ear. She opted to not use a left hearing aid the first time she purchased a hearing aid.

About a month ago, BS came in and said she felt like she was struggling with conversation again. She was ready to trial a hearing aid in her left ear. I fitted her with a Starkey X70 receiver in the canal hearing aid that was a fairly close match for her current right aid.

One week later BS returned to the office very excited with how her hearing had improved. She said her husband was seeing a big difference, and he had initially tried to talk her out of trying a second aid! She said conversation is both louder and much clearer than just hearing with her right ear.

Many times patients are unhappy when we tell them they need hearing aids for both ears. Sometimes they feel it is a sales pitch and they ask why they cannot just wear one aid. We have two ears for a reason and when both ears work together and are balanced, we understand more clearly and we do it with less loudness. BS discovered just how much clearer conversation is now that she is hearing from both ears equally!

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