Back to Work with Starkey Hearing Aids

T.S. came into our Crystal River Audiology office on referral from Florida Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). She had worn hearing aids in the past, but had not worn them for several years. She was interested in new hearing aids as she was hoping to move back into a medical assisting career and knew she would need better hearing. She was currently working in the food and beverage industry.

Following VR protocol Gardner Audiology completed a comprehensive hearing evaluation, employment review and recommendation letter, I fit T.S. with Starkey X110 Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. My telephone follow-up one day post fitting indicated that she was wearing them at work and “so far, so good”. At her first follow-up, two week post fitting T.S. indicated that she was hearing things she had not heard in years, such as her birds. Also, she was able to hear over the phone at work, something she had not been able to do in years. In the past she had set up the voicemail on her cellphone because she could not understand incoming calls. On this first follow-up visit I made minor adjustments to relieve annoying mechanical sounds.

At her final follow-up, T.S. indicated that she was hearing better than she expected and was actively looking into getting her Medical Assisting license re-activated. She was thrilled with her new hearing aids.


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