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Wireless Hearing with One Arm in St. Petersburg.

Wireless hearing aids are convenient for some patients. For others, this advanced technology is mandatory. Take my Pasadena, St. Petersburg patient, G. R., for instance. He is an active professional who needs to adjust his hearing aids often because he is in diverse and demanding listening situations. He tried non wireless hearing aids for several weeks and then tried a comparable set of Starkey aids but with wireless capabilities.

With nonwireless hearing aids he had to independently adjust each aid. In comparison, the wireless hearing aids automatically communicated with each other. For instance, if he turned down the volume of the left hearing aid then the right one would automatically go down in volume without having to touch that instrument. He could also command both instruments to change volume with a wireless hand held remote control.

Many of my patients embrace the luxury of wireless hearing aids. In the case of G.R. wireless aids were a necessity because he lost his right arm in an accident many years ago. With wireless hearing aids, one touch to his left aid or a remote control can adjust both of his hearing aids simultaneously. Wireless technology improves the quality of my patients’ lives.

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Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Founder and CEO of Gardner Audiology