Wireless Hearing Aid from Gardner Audiology solved his problems in Zephyrhills, Florida

AJ called the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology to inquire about pricing on a set of hearing aids he was interested in. He is a longtime user of hearing aids and his current were not working properly and were a number of years old. He had been in to see me once several years ago.

I reviewed his current test and recommended that he trial a set of hearing aid different than what he was asking about. He is a very technical person and asked many questions. My primary reasons for recommending Starkey Wi110 receiver in the canal hearing aids were better feedback control, direct wireless capability, and Spectral IQ. Spectral IQ captures high frequency sounds and replicates them in lower frequencies, where hearing is typically better and less distorted. Because AJ has a very steep drop in hearing in the high pitches, he would likely understand better with this feature.

He agreed and was fitted. After a couple of return visits, I turned Spectral IQ off and he preferred the sound quality. He is definitely hearing better and is enjoying Bluetooth connectivity to stream music and talk on his cell phone. His wife LOVES the TV streamer. She can keep the volume very low, and for the first time he can understand TV without Closed Captioning being on. He purchased the hearing aids, the TV streamer and the SurfLink Mobile with remote control and Bluetooth!

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