Will I Go Deaf If I Don’t Wear Hearing Aids?

A common concern and questions from patients when diagnosed with hearing loss is “Will I go deaf?”  Followed by, if I don’t wear my hearing aids all the time, will it make my hearing worse?  While audiologists do not have a crystal ball, typically hearing loss that isn’t caused by a medical condition or incident, progresses slowly over time.  It is likely your hearing will get worse over time, but it isn’t likely to progress at a rapid rate.  

Patients with hearing loss are encouraged to wear hearing aids, and wear them consistently.  Hearing aids keep your ears and brain stimulated, providing valuable input.  Even if you are staying home, there are sounds in your environment that are exercising your ears and the pathways up to your brain!  This is beneficial for your health, and will help your performance when you do go out and are in more challenging listening environments like groups and restaurants.   

Untreated hearing loss has been correlated with a higher risk of dementia, falls, depression, and social isolation.  It is more than just your ability to communicate, and can truly affect your whole life!  

It is important to find a provider you trust, with the education to provide you with research-based information.  Have more questions?  The Audiologists at Gardner Audiology can help!  Contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or info@gardneraudiology.com 

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