His Wife likes His New Hearing Aids

F.C. and his wife came into the Inverness office for a hearing consultation. He reported not hearing well and his wife constantly comments that he does not hear her. She complains that he turns the volume of the TV too loud. He was motivated to hear well.

Testing revealed a moderate high frequency hearing loss in both ears that could not be reversed with medication or surgery. He agreed to try hearing aids and was fit two weeks later with Starkey Ignite 20 Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids.

At his firsts follow-up he reported doing well overall, but still having some difficulties with women’s voices. We made a slight adjustment and at subsequent follow-ups, he has reported doing so much better. He noted that he no longer needs the TV volume at 75, rather 19 is comfortable. No adjustments were made on the last visit and F.C. states he will gladly pay for the hearing aids next week. His wife is very thankful for the significant improvement.

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