Why Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids Every Day?

Sometimes patients tell me they only wear their hearing aids when they go out somewhere. I hear “I live alone, why should I wear my hearing aids at home?” To be honest, the percentage of people who need hearing aids who have them and wear them regularly is far too low. Not wearing hearing aids can mean missing out on a variety of sounds, conversations, connections, and even physical health benefits. Here are reasons to get hearing aids and wear them regularly.

  1. Wearing hearing aids can reduce fall risk by giving you better spatial awareness. Hearing what is going on around you helps you know where you are in the world! Some hearing aids even have fall detection built right into them! (Starkey Genesis AI)
  2. Recent research suggests the use of hearing aids with counseling may reduce the risk of cognitive decline by up to 48% in some people! (achievestudy.org)
  3. Your loved ones will celebrate and be happy!
  4. Wearing hearing aids daily allows the brain to retrain and adapt to hearing all the sounds you have been missing. Only wearing your hearing aids occasionally means it is brand new again every time you put the aids in. You never have the chance to get used to wearing them. Also, if you do not already have your hearing aids in your ears, you are far more likely to walk out the door without them
  5. Wearing hearing aids can help you stay in the game. Whether you are a bridge player, pickleball, golf, pinochle – clear auditory perception allows you to recognize critical cues, helps you react more quickly, communicate more effectively, and stay attuned to your environment (back to spatial awareness).
  6. You are not born with the knowledge of how to use hearing aids. PRATICE MAKES PERFECT! The more you wear your hearing aids, the easier they are to use, and the more comfortable you become with them.

Hearing aids are an investment in improving the quality of your life. They will do no good whatsoever on the bedside table. WEAR YOUR HEARING AIDS! Call Gardner Audiology In Tampa Bay, Florida at 1-800-277-1182 if you need any help.

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