Why Should I Wear Hearing Aids?

So you’ve had your hearing tested, and it was recommended that you purchase hearing aids. But, you’re thinking, “do I really need them?” This is a popular question asked by patients. At your appointment, the audiologist can review specifics of your testing with you, but we’ll review some benefits of hearing aids below.  

First and foremost, hearing aids are beneficial for your overall health! They can help with cognitive and mental health, as well as balance. Patients with conditions such as anxiety or depression may find some relief with their hearing aids, as they will be more likely to socialize more often, and may feel more confident in challenging listening environments. Hearing loss is typically progressive, and hearing aids can be used to help slow the progression, or even stabilize it. In general, the sooner you begin to wear hearing aids, the better you will do with them! 

 Hearing aids have also been found to be beneficial for patients who have tinnitus, or ringing in their ears. Re-introducing more ambient and environmental sounds to the brain can help distract from the tinnitus that you may hear. Many hearing aids also include a masker sound that can be turned on, which can be especially helpful for patients with more bothersome tinnitus.  

Stimulation to the brain is essential, which includes stimulation from sounds – especially speech! Gardner Audiology has several locations throughout the Tampa Bay, FL area, and are in-network providers for most insurances! If you are interested in pursuing hearing aids, or have any questions you’d like answered, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or visit gardnerhearingdoctors.com.com to schedule an appointment. Our doctors look forward to working with you! 

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