Why Should I Have My Hearing Screened or Tested?

Hearing is a part of your health history, and everyone should have a baseline hearing screening performed, even if you do not think you are having any hearing difficulty. Just as you have your vision screened and your teeth cleaned and checked, you should also have your hearing screened. Having a baseline allows us a comparison if a problem arises.

Hearing loss is usually a very slow progression over many, many years. Because we live with the change day to day, most people do not even suspect they have loss until it reaches the moderate range. Untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, social isolation, lead to a higher risk of falls, and can be associated with memory loss. When you have hearing loss, there are parts of your brain that are not being stimulated. Brain stimulation keeps the brain active!

In the early stages of hearing loss, it makes it sound like people are mumbling, even when they are not! Typically, people say that they hear, but they cannot understand. This is usually worse in groups or noisy settings, or if someone is speaking and not facing you. Your family may comment that you turn the TV up too high, or that they are often repeating things for you. You might misunderstand the question and answer inappropriately. Did you say thin or fin? Was that mouth or mouse?

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