Why Do I Hear An Echo In My Ear?

There are many reasons why you might hear an echo in your ear. One of the most common reasons is impacted ear wax. When ear wax becomes impacted it creates a seal in the ear that can result in hearing an echo. Using a Q-tip can cause the wax to become impacted by pushing it deeper in the ear canal. No Q-tips! 

An ear or sinus infection, allergies, or fluid in the middle ear can also cause an echo. Some who experience muffled hearing after flying also complain of an echo. 

Diplacusis is a hearing disorder that causes our ears to hear sounds so differently we hear them as two sounds. Some perceive the second sound as an echo. There are many potential causes of diplacusis, including trauma to the head, being exposed to loud noise, certain medications, autoimmune disorders, and even age-related hearing loss! 

Some medications, such as some chemotherapy drugs, certain antibiotics, and even anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin, can have a negative effect on the inner ear, that may result in an echoing sensation. If you suspect medication-induced echoing, consult with your healthcare provider. 

If you wear hearing aids, you might hear an echo or reverberation in your own voice. This is typical especially if you have a severe hearing loss that requires your ear canals to be occluded to reduce feedback (whistling and squealing noise). Most hearing aid users adapt to this quickly. 

If you have been experiencing an echo in your ear, see an audiologist to explore the potential causes. Call Gardner Audiology today at 800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment at one of our 10 locations  in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

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