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Why Did I Choose to Get a Doctorate in Audiology?

My journey into audiology started with a volunteer experience and during my undergraduate career as a communicative disorders major. I had the privilege of volunteering overseas and had the opportunity to work with a middle school student who wore hearing aids. It was an interesting experience as I had not worked with a hearing-impaired individual before and I learned a great deal from those interactions.

That experience stuck with me and I became interested in becoming an audiologist. As with many audiologists that start with being a communicative disorders/speech pathology major, I found audiology more enjoyable than speech pathology. I liked the science behind all the reasoning audiologists do with special machinery and equipment.

I also loved the idea of being able to help someone improve the quality of their life with better hearing., This profession is a great way to help people reconnect with their world. Now that I am a doctoral extern with Gardner Audiology I finally get to achieve those goals.

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Jessica Chen, B.A.

Jessica Chen, B.A.

Jessica Chen, B.A.

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