Where Can I Get My Starkey Hearing Aids Repaired in Palm Harbor, Florida?

Hearing aids typically require routine servicing to keep them in good working order. Sometimes, even with that routine servicing, hearing aids will need to be repaired. It actually isn’t all that uncommon, which is why it is useful to be aware of the warranty dates that come with your hearing aids!

If you’re in the Palm Harbor, Florida area, Gardner Audiology is a patient-centered practice with experienced audiologists who can help you with your Starkey hearing aids! Whether they have stopped working, or if they are not as beneficial to you, the audiologists at Gardner Audiology have the knowledge and tools to help you.

At the Palm Harbor location, there is an onsite repair lab for same-day fixes of the most common hearing aid repairs. Gardner Audiology also has an account associated with Starkey, and can send in any devices that may require additional repairs from the manufacturer.

Do you think your hearing aids are working fine, but are in need of an adjustment? The audiologists at Gardner Audiology can do that, too! Using specialized equipment, the audiologists can determine whether your hearing aids are appropriately programmed to fit your prescription. If the hearing aids are found to not be programmed properly for you, our audiologists have the necessary software to make the programming changes to your hearing aids!

If you think your hearing aids are in need of a little TLC, please contact Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida at 1-800-277-1182 to schedule an appointment.

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