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What to Expect from a Tele-Audiology Appointment at Gardner Audiology

Telehealth appointments are available in many different fields of medicine, with patients becoming more familiar with the concept due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth services can also be performed in audiology. Gardner Audiology has offered tele-audiology services to patients even before the pandemic began. Some patients may have experienced this appointment type before, but for those who have not, this blog will review what to expect when scheduled for a tele-audiology appointment.

Much of this appointment is similar to a regular in-office visit. The patient would arrive in the scheduled office to be seen. In the exam room, the patient will be accompanied by an in-person facilitator, who will assist with the hands-on tasks. This could be an audiology assistant or a doctoral extern, both of whom are trained to perform clinical duties under supervision. The audiologist will then connect with the patient and facilitator through video conferencing. All objective components can be completed as it normally would in a typical in-office appointment. The patient can communicate directly with the audiologist throughout the entire appointment. Gardner Audiology has utilized this service method for hearing aid fittings and adjustments and has received positive feedback.

It is important to mention that that some services such as ear cleaning Are completed by the doctor in person If a tele-visit is not preferred, patients can always opt for in-person appointment. Tele-audiology offers patients the opportunity to be seen by a provider faster, as the audiologist may be in another office.

For more information about a tele-audiology appointment, call Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or visit

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Caroline Flint, B.S.

Caroline Flint, B.S.

Caroline Flint, B.S.

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