What to Expect During Balance Testing

Our balance is maintained by the combined efforts of our visual, vestibular, and skeletal systems. Our brain uses the information from these systems in order to know where we are in space. When one system is compromised, it can lead to perceptions of dizziness and increased risk of falls. When a patient presents with dizziness, it is important for the provider to determine which system or systems are affected.

An audiologist is an expert of hearing and balance. Inside the inner ear is the hearing organ which is attached to one’s vestibular system. This system is responsible giving us information about how we are moving in space. One way to test the vestibular system is performing Videonystagmogrphy (VNG).

When coming in for VNG testing, the patient will be asked to follow strict guidelines, such as no caffeine and non-essential medications. This is crucial as testing results can be affected if these guidelines are not followed. First, the doctor will start by asking about the patient’s history. Next, a comprehensive hearing test since our balance and hearing are so closely connected, when one is affected, the other is as well. During the VNG, the doctor will place specialized goggles on that will track the patient’s eye movements and proceed with testing that will involve following visual targets and moving the patient in different positions. The results from this test will help identify the underlying cause of symptoms.

If you are experiencing any type of dizziness, talk with your primary care doctor. Gardner Audiology provides VNG testing at the Crystal River, Spring Hill, and Citrus Park locations with a doctor’s referral. For more information, please contact us at (800) 277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com

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