What to Consider When Buying Hearing Aids in Florida

Living in Florida, days tend to be hot, humid, and in the summertime – rainy. Florida weather impacts what materials are used to build houses, what protection measures we take against hurricanes, and it can even play a role in our decision on what hearing aids to buy!

In Florida, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in the middle of a summer rain storm, or to start sweating in the hot sun. Hearing aids are moisture resistant, but that doesn’t mean they’re waterproof! With hearing aids, the weak point for moisture is typically the battery door. With rechargeable batteries, the battery is fully encased inside the hearing aid – similar to a cell phone battery. This eliminates the weak point for moisture, making the hearing aids a little less susceptible to that pesky Florida humidity!

While some moisture won’t hurt the hearing aids right away, it can begin to harm the hearing aids over time. If you’re using hearing aids that have standard batteries, it may be a good idea to consider buying a drying chamber for your hearing aids. These chambers can be as simple as a container with drying beads/a desiccant puck, or more elaborate, such as an electronic dehumidifier.

Once you have your hearing aids, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or extreme heat. If you carry a purse or a bag, it’s is a better idea to leave spare batteries in the bag rather than inside the car. Similarly, it may be a good idea to keep a hard carrying case with you, if you are often swimming outside, or partaking in another outdoor activity where you would remove your hearing aids.

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