What is a Visual Hearing Scan?

Have you ever wondered if your hearing aids are set appropriately for you? If so, you may find benefit from a procedure we call Visual Hearing Scan.  

Visual Hearing Scan (VHS), also known as speech mapping, is an objective tool that audiologists and hearing care professionals use to verify your hearing aid settings are set appropriately for your individual prescription and is part of Real Ear Measurements. This involves placing a small microphone into your ear canal with your hearing aid and measuring how well the hearing aid is performing according to your hearing loss, thus allowing the professional to make real time adjustments of several thousand frequences of sound for you.  

Although the hearing aid manufacturer software has a preset, initial setting for you based on your hearing test, the programming does not consider your ear canal size and, shape and resonance. VHS provides the best accuracy for the best hearing aid fitting and/or adjustments.  both the patents and the professional can see what you can hear and what you cannot hear on screen so adjustments can be made.  

Gardner Audiology provides this service for any patients being fitted with new hearing aids and for those who want to reprogram their current hearing aids. VHS is underutilized within the hearing healthcare field as most practices do not offer this service. If you are interested in this service, contact Gardner Audiology at (800) 277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com for more information. 

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