What is a Remote Microphone Hearing Aid Accessory

The most common concern we hear from patients with hearing loss is struggling to hear in a noisy environment.  When you are in background noise, it makes it very difficult to piece out what you want to hear vs what you don’t want to hear.  It also taxes your brain straining to listen, which can become very tiring.  

Hearing aid accessories are a great option for patients when their hearing aid alone just isn’t enough in certain environments.  Remote microphones are one of the best options when communicating in noisy environments is still difficult and struggling.  A remote microphone is a small microphone worn by the person you are talking to (not the patient).  It can clip on to their shirt or be worn around the neck.  It picks up that person’s voice, and sends it straight to your hearing aids, allowing you to hear them like you are wearing headphones!  This is very helpful in noisy places like a restaurant, but can also be used around the house, or even in the car! There are similar options that work better for group settings that can be set on the table and pick up multiple people talking.  Some examples of this technology include the Starkey Remote Microphone, Starkey Table Microphone, or Phonak Partner Microphone. 

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