What is a Gardner Hearing Doctor?

If you are having trouble hearing, it is important to have your hearing tested so you can treat any hearing loss that you may have. Seeing a hearing doctor, which is a Doctor of Audiology, is the best option for accurate testing and treatment of hearing loss.   

Gardner Hearing Doctors in Tampa are just that – doctors! Only after 8 years of schooling, a national licensing exam, and nearly 2000 supervised clinical hours, is a person qualified to practice with the title of Doctor of Audiology.  

Not all practices utilize Doctors of Audiology. At Gardner Audiology, patients are valued, and never “pushed” into hearing aids. Patients are given information about hearing aids, and the Gardner Hearing Doctors will provide a recommendation that will be best for you based on your hearing loss. Several factors go into a successful hearing aid fitting, all of which will be taken into consideration for each individual patient! 

If you are in the Tampa Bay, FL area, and are looking to have your hearing tested by a hearing doctor, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or visit www.GardnerHearingDoctors.com .com to schedule an appointment. 

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