What Is A CROS or BiCROS Hearing Aid?

Most people with hearing loss will receive the greatest benefit from wearing hearing aids in both ears. We have two ears for a reason, and when both ears work together as a team we can localize where sound is coming from, hear better in noisy places, understand speech better, and do all of this with less volume or loudness.  

What happens when you have no usable hearing in one ear? A hearing aid can only help if there is something left to help! Some people have one ear with hearing so poor that a hearing aid will not help. In this case, a CROS or BiCROS hearing aid is an option.  

A CROS hearing aid is designed to put a transmitter on the bad ear and a receiver on the “good” ear. If someone is talking to you on your bad side, the unit picks the sound up and sends it over to the receiver for the better ear to hear.  

A BiCROS hearing aid has a regular hearing aid on the better ear and is for someone who has some hearing loss in the “good” ear. That way the better ear gets a boost, as well as hearing sound from the “bad” side.  

The sole purpose of a CROS system is to help you hear someone on the bad side without turning your head. It still does not help you localize where sound is coming from because you are still only hearing from one ear. It also does not give binaural processing, which is what helps us most in noisy settings. But, if you are at a table with family and friends and someone is sitting on your bad side, it is nice to hear them when they are talking to you! 

If you would like more information on CROS or BiCROS hearing aids, call Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182. 

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