What Are Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids?

IIC or Invisible-In-The-Canal hearing aids are the smallest devices on the market today. Their tiny design makes them virtually invisible from view. If you’re looking for a perfect blend of innovation and sheer subtlety, these aids may be for you. Many of our Tampa Bay, Florida, customers choose these over many other options. Let’s explore the allure IICs have.

✓ Chic and Discreet

What really draws most users to IIC hearing aids? It is their ultra-chic design. Since the device is positioned to sit deep inside the ear canal, it remains practically undetectable. You would barely feel anything in your ear.

If you value a discreet design or feel conscious of BTE-style devices, IIC hearing aid is a suitable choice.

✓ Just the Right Placement

Unlike many other hearing aids that sit behind the ear or just at the entrance of the ear canal, IIC machines are designed to fit deeply and completely inside the ear canal. This functionality makes the device virtually invisible. Plus, it enhances the sound experience while reducing background noise.

✓ Custom Made For You

Comfort? Check.

Precision? Double-check.

IIC hearing aids aren’t just any other hearing devices; they’re customized extensions of you.

An expert audiologist or hearing specialist takes an impression of your ear, which is then used to create your personalized hearing aid.
Such precision ensures a comfortable fit and optimum performance for your unique needs.

✓ Power Packed Performance

The device may be tiny, but it is also mighty. Behind their petite design, IIC hearing aids are powerhouses. They amplify voices and minimize distractions.

If you think size can be deceiving, you really need to try these to believe this auditory marvel. Rest assured, your conversations will only remain crystal clear.

✓ Authentic Sound Quality

Thanks to their unique placement, IIC aids capture sound in its purest form. Since the aids are positioned deep inside the ear, the mechanics of the device use your ear’s own anatomy to ensure sounds are channeled just right. This makes every note and every whisper feel incredibly real every single day.

✓ Easy To Maintain

While these aids sit deep inside the ear, they may be exposed to earwax and moisture. However, with a stable body and features, IICs can easily combat humidity and earwax issues.

Many IIC devices also come with advanced wax guards or moisture protection systems to mitigate these challenges. These are truly built to stand the test of time.

✓ Advanced Features

Depending on your model and brand, IIC hearing aids may offer some additional features such as wireless connectivity, tinnitus masking, or different listening modes suited for different environments.

Also, as technology continues to advance, you can expect even more innovative features to enhance your listening experience. Considering an upgrade? Perhaps it is time to let IIC show you a whole new world.

Hearing Aids at Gardner Audiology

With so many different types of hearing aids, you might have your favorites for your unique condition. If IICs top the charts for you, discuss with our audiologists if these can suit your needs and preferences. Ultimately, you’d want aids that fit your ear structure well and cater to your hearing needs.

Please schedule an appointment with us today to choose the best device and enhance your listening experience. Call 1-800-277-1182.

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