Can I Wear My Hearing Aids On An Airplane?

When traveling, things should be as stress free as possible. What do you need to worry about, and what can you put on the back burner? At Gardner Audiology, our audiologists want to make sure your hearing aids are the least of your concerns. Wearing hearing aids should be simple and easy. A question we frequently receive is “can I wear my hearing aids on an airplane?”

The answer is…whatever you prefer! It will not damage your hearing aids to leave them in while flying. However, many patients choose to remove them for several reasons. First, airplanes are notoriously noisy. Between the noise of the plane, and those on it, many would prefer to have a quieter flight. Second, some people worry about losing their hearing aids in the shuffle and like to keep them in the safety of their case until they arrive at their destination. The choice is yours!

On the other hand, some patients choose to use their hearing aids during flights so they are able to hear announcements and flight personnel. Also, those with made for cellphone devices can stream their music, audiobooks, or movies from their phone or tablet. One thing to consider if you are using these devices is you may not be able to use the streaming features until devices are able to be taken off ‘airplane mode.’ Once you are given the clear, feel free to stream away!

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