Water tight Starkey Muse hearing aids and water aerobics in Inverness, Citrus County, Tampa Bay, Florida

RB is a longstanding Gardner Audiology patient and has purchased several sets of hearing aids over the years. She is always eager to come in for a trial when new hearing aids come out. She is always stating “she wants to hear the best she can hear”. RB’s current hearing aids were five year old Starkey Wi i110 Receiver In The Canal Hearing aids (RIC). She had participated in a Gardner Field Study within the past two years.

RB received our mailing regarding the new Starkey Muse, so of course, she calls. RB was fit with the Muse i2400 RIC hearing aids. The fitting was verified with Speech Mapping through the manufacturer’s software. RB’s initial response was quite positive, noting the natural sound quality of the hearing aids; however, knowing she leads a very active lifestyle in which she uses her hearing aids (water aerobics, social gatherings, restaurants and meetings), I was anxious for her follow ups in the weeks to come.

Her first follow up was also a positive report. As stated RB participates in water aerobics twice a week and has mentioned several times in the past that she has difficulty hearing her instructor. She heard her instructor well this past week and due to the improved water tightness of the hearing aids, she was no longer is focused on “if the hearing aids get wet” and more on the activity at hand. RB also reported she went to Cody’s, a local restaurant known for being loud and difficult to hear in, and was pleased she was able to fully participate in conversations with her companions.

Over the next three weeks minor adjustments were made to the hearing aids to ensure the hearing aids were performing in the situations and environments in which she participates. Ultimately, RB purchased the hearing aids at the end of her trial, as she felt these were a significant improvement over her current hearing aids. RB is always appreciative of being able to participate in Gardner Field Studies and the opportunity to trial new hearing aids risk free. And this is our goal….give patients the opportunity to trial hearing aids, whether they have worn hearing aids for years or are new to the process, risk free and allow us to join them in their hearing journey.

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