Walmart and Amazon Hearing Assist Model HA-1800 CIC hearing aid review

I recently evaluated a pair of Hearing Assist model HA-1800 hearing aids. You can order these hearing aids online from Walmart and Amazon. In some states they are sold on Walmart store shelves. You can also order these aids directly from the manufacturer through or call 1-800-700-4327.

These completely inside the ear canal hearing aids (CIC) have nothing hanging over the top of your ear and they are very small and inconspicuous. I was curious because I presently wear a set of behind the ear hearing aids. These behind the ear style aids ( receiver in canal-RIC) are very inconvenient for me when I wear a mask throughout the day while I see patients. When I take the mask off my hearing aids often come out of my ear. I have been looking for cost effective in the ear hearing aids for myself and my patients.

The Hearing Assist model HA-1800 fits inside the ear canal

I tried a pair of these aids and was very pleased with the sound quality considering that they were not custom fitted for me. I loaned these aids to our staff and patients for evaluation. They were also pleased with the sound quality. They could adjust their optimum volume by pressing a small button on the aid.

I suffer from a mild to moderate hearing loss which is what these aids were designed for. If you have a moderate to severe hearing loss this model HA-1800 CIC may not satisfy you because there is not enough power. It could feedback (whistle sounds) if you try to max out the volume.

Batteries for the tiny HA-1800 hearing aid are available online and most drug stores

Why were people satisfied with the sound quality of this $399 aid? I found out when I measured their sound output with an oscilloscope while inside my ear (doctors call this real ear measurement). This aid delivers a very smooth frequency response that recovers hearing very well for those who suffer from typical mild to moderate hearing loss.

I think at $399 with a 60-day money back guarantee, this aid is a good value. The same style in custom could cost you up to $3000 or more each from a hearing healthcare professional. The battery that powers this aid is available at drugstores. In my opinion this aid would be a good value for many new hearing aid users. It also would be a good back up for existing users when they wear a mask.

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