Update on Zephyrhills Hearing Aid Patient

This is a follow up on RW, longstanding hearing aid user that was fitted with Starkey Wi110 RIC hearing aids in the Zephyrhills
office of Gardner Audiology in December, 2013.

RW had been wearing Starkey BTE hearing aids that were top of the line when she purchased them 3+ years ago. In December she called wondering if new hearing aids would help her understand conversation and TV better. I fitted Wi110 RIC hearing aids on her for trial and she saw immediate improvement.

Last week RW returned to inquire about upcoming technology. We discussed the made for iPhone hearing aids that are in the works, but do not have a release date scheduled. Her response was, “I can’t give these aids up!” The improvement in communication has been dramatic and using the wireless streamer for TV enables her to watch TV without Closed Captioning for the first time in years.

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