Update to the Hearing Care for Children Act

Earlier this year, my children and I went to the capitol in Tallahassee seeking support for The Hearing Care for Children Act. The Act would require private insurances in the state of Florida to cover hearing aids for children 0-21, similar to bills in 24 other states and subsidized insurances in all states. Unfortunately, the bills (Senate Bill 890 and House Bill 1427) did not make it out of committee to be presented to full Senate and House.

We do not fret! March 9, 2019, when session pick back up, my children and I will head back up there to speak to Senators and Congressmen/women again seeking support for this important bill. We will once again be joined by students from USF, UF and Nova Southeastern, audiologists from around the state, and families of hearing-impaired children. We will be passing out flyers with information and statistics regarding hearing loss and it’s impacts to Florida.

If you feel passionate about this, you are more than welcome to join us! Otherwise, please contact your local representatives to encourage their support. You can find yours at Flsenate.gov or myfloridahouse.gov

I will keep you updated!

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