United Healthcare Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Spring Hill, FL

If you have one of these United Healthcare Medicare Advantage below:  

  • AARP Medicare Advantage  
  • AARP Medicare Focus HMO  
  • AARP Walgreens HMO  
  • United Healthcare Medicare Solutions  
  • United Healthcare Dual Complete  

Then you are in luck for some deeply discounted hearing aids! The United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans supply hearing aids through a third-party company called Epic or United Healthcare Hearing. This plan has better benefits compared to other third-party companies. For example, they provide a 45-day trial period on the day you are fitted with hearing aids to have a better idea of whether hearing aids are for you. This means you can return or exchange for better amplification devices within the trial period. In addition, a few of your visits to Gardner Audiology are 100% covered by your insurance.  

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans offer various hearing aid technology levels and styles to serve every degree of hearing loss. The computer chip in these devices can make your hearing aids rechargeable, noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more! You would be surprised how far technology came along!  

Make sure you get onto Medicare Open Enrollment soon and enroll. Gardner Audiology in Spring Hill is an authorized and in-network provider for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans. To learn more, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com for more information. 

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