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United Healthcare Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Palm Harbor, FL

Several United Healthcare Medicare Advantage are now offering hearing aid benefits! Plans including “AARP Medicare Advantage”, “AARP Medicare Focus HMO”, “AARP Walgreens HMO”, “United Healthcare Medicare Solutions”, and “United Healthcare Dual Complete” all offer pricing for hearing aids that is significantly discounted compared to what you would pay without insurance! 
United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans all contract through a third-party company, called Epic, or United Healthcare Hearing, to provide their members with hearing aid benefits. This gives members a bit of an advantage when it comes to purchasing hearing aids. For one, you get a 45-day trial period, beginning the day you are fit with the hearing aids. This means that you are able to return or exchange the hearing aids within this time frame. These plans also cover the copay a few of your appointments!  
Whether you are an experienced hearing aid user or will be a new user, United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans offer different technology levels and styles to accommodate every one! One of the most requested features nowadays is rechargeability. Well, these plans offer that, and more! Patients have been pleasantly surprised by how much these plans really offer! 
Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, FL is an authorized and in-network provider for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans, and our insurance team regularly verifies benefits for patients! To learn more, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information. 
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