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United Healthcare Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

Do you have one of these United Healthcare Medicare Advantage insurance plans? 

 AARP Medicare Advantage 
AARP Medicare Focus HMO 
AARP Walgreens HMO 
United Healthcare Medicare Solutions 
United Healthcare Dual Complete 

If you do, you have hearing aid benefits! All of these plans include discounted pricing, or even full coverage, for hearing aids! 

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans have contracted with a third-party company, called Epic, or United Healthcare Hearing, to provide their members with hearing aid benefits. Members now have access to not only hearing aid benefits, but also 45-day trial period, beginning the day you are fit with the hearing aids, and coverage for the first few appointments! 

Not sure what technology level you may want or need? United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans offer different technology levels and styles to accommodate every one, and one of our Audiologists at Gardner Audiology can help you determine which level may be most beneficial for youPatients often request rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity these days. If these features are appealing to you, you’re in luck! All of these Medicare Advantage plans include hearing aid options that are capable of these.  

Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL is an authorized and in-network provider for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans! Our team of insurance experts can verify your benefits and have all of the information ready at your appointment! To learn more, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information. 
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