United Auto Workers General Motors retiree hearing aid benefits

Many insurance companies include hearing aid benefits. UAW General Motors retiree benefits are administered through AudioNet America. In order to obtain hearing aids via the benefit there are several steps to complete. First, you must see a credentialed audiologist who is a provider for American Hearing Benefits (AHB). An audiogram, signed by the credentialed dispensing audiologist, must be dated within the previous 6 months. If you have never worn hearing aids a signed medical clearance (family physician or ENT within the previous 3 months) is required prior to ordering. This is to ensure that there are no medically treatable conditions that contraindicate hearing aids. Some hearing loss can be treated through medication or surgery.

Eligible members are covered in full for one or two standard mid-level technology hearing aids every 3 years. A member can opt for a higher level of technology for an upgrade fee. Listed below are the technology levels and associated fees:

Starkey Hearing Aids- Technology Levels, member responsibility
Standard mid-level – All models of MUSE i1200 products

$0 one hearing aid, $0 for two hearing aids

Mid/High level – All models of MUSE/Halo2 i1600 products

$250 one hearing aid, $500 two hearing aids

Advanced level – All models of MUSE/Halo2 i2000 products

$500 one hearing aid, $1000 two hearing aids

Flagship level – All models of MUSE/Halo2 i2400 products

$650 one hearing aid, $1300 two hearing aids

Hearing loss is a major factor in the quality of life. Hearing and understanding conversations in vital to daily living activities. If you suspect you have hearing loss we can help to verify it and offer solutions.

Determining your benefits and what procedures to follow can be difficult. Gardner Audiology will confirm benefits prior to hearing aid fitting. We can provide this information over the phone and before your appointment. We understand your time is valuable. Our staff will be happy to assist you to determine and verify your hearing aid benefits and to schedule your hearing evaluation with one of our credentialed doctors of audiology.

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