Ten year old Nick got a bone anchored hearing update!

Nick has been wearing a bone conduction hearing device since he was approximately 5 weeks old. In the summer of 2015, he was finally old enough for the surgical implantation, per FDA guidelines, of a Bone Anchored Hearing System (BAHS). Our family opted for the Oticon Medical Ponto Pro system. He was implanted bilaterally. Our family, his Speech-Language Pathologist and his teachers at school, all noted significant improvements in his hearing and his speech production. He has done well mainstreamed in school and has been a “typical” and precocious child.

Similar to traditional hearing aid upgrades, it is recommended one upgrade the BAHS every five years. In that time, not only are there significant improvements in sound quality but also technology abilities. This past week, we upgraded Nick’s devices to the new Oticon Medical Ponto 4 system. The devices were set similarly to his previous devices as a starting point. After snapping on only one device he immediately smiled and stated it sounded better and clearer. He wore them for the rest of the evening.

Last night we tried out some of the “newer” features. The devices come with a Connect Clip. This multi-functional device can be used as remote microphone, a remote control and connect to up to eight BlueTooth devices. We used the remote mic feature first. Nick was able to be in the upstairs play area and through the Connect Clip I was able to ask him to come down to dinner and he heard me! He will begin using this feature of the Connect Clip with is teachers at school starting next week.

We tried our first phone call as well and called his grandfather. Just like everyone else, he was able to have a private conversation, through his devices! No more speakerphone conversations. He was bouncing with excitement. As he ages, and eventually gets his own phone, he will truly appreciate this feature. Additionally, he can connect to his gaming devices when we travel, and I won’t have to listen to his shows and/or games! (as a mom, I LOVE THIS PART).

Finally, the Connect Clip can be used as a remote control allowing him access to multiple memories, a volume control and mute. He has had many of these features in the past and appreciates still having them.
It is amazing what the little devices can do! Did I mention they are a lot smaller too! At almost half the size, they blend in extremely well.

As a mom and Audiologist, it is exciting to see these changes and the ensuing excitement these devices create first-hand. As we continue to experiment with what these new devices offer, I will keep you updated as well.

If you have any questions about BAHS, contact us here at Gardner Audiology at info@gardneraudiology.com or me directly at DrSchenk@gardneraudiology.com. I will gladly answer any questions to the best of my ability.

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