What Tampa Bay residents don’t know about HearX hearing aids

HearX Hearing Aid Centers are a national chain that was, until recently, owned by Siemens. I am not sure who took over HearX when they bought Siemens. I definitely think HearX is a good company but like all hearing aid vendors they have pros and cons. Below are my opinions about those.


I think HearX is an organized company with consistent policies and procedures. The consumer knows what to expect from HearX. They function more like a genuine healthcare company as compared to other national retail chains. Historically they have sold Siemens hearing aids, a good product, and offered consumer satisfaction via trial periods. HearX is good at working with many different insurance policies including Medicaid.


The managing company of HearX, named HearUSA, does not in my opinion offer their customers honest choices in products or service. For instance, Siemens has been the only hearing aid on their menu. That is no surprise considering Siemens, until recently, bank rolled the company. Now that Siemens has sold out their hearing aid division I feel the future of HearX can not be predicted.

Hear USA, the manager of HearX, contracts to coordinate the hearing aid benefits of many insurance companies but they deny patients a choice of professional service locations. For instance, patients are exclusively referred to company owned HearX stores to obtain insurance benefits even if there are other approved providers in the same area.

Hearx does not routinely provide the services of a licensed audiologist. Patients pay the same regardless of the qualifications of the person who delivers their service.


In my opinion, HearX is a superior hearing aid company as compared to other national hearing aid chains such a Beltone, Audibel and Miracle Ear.

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