Tampa Bay Open Enrollment for Hearing Aid Benefits in 2023

Open enrollment for Medicare is just around the corner. I am often asked by my patients, “Which Medicare Advantage plan has the best hearing aid benefits?” There are many variables to that question, and I am not an insurance specialist, so I cannot begin to advise. Any one insurance company may have multiple plans that you might qualify for and often you have multiple companies offering plans in your area. You might consider speaking with an insurance agent who works with all of the different plans to hopefully get an unbiased opinion/recommendation. Some plans offer dollar amounts toward the purchase of hearing aids; others offer discount pricing. Some plans will cover the cost of a set of hearing aids fully, others have copays or shared cost.

I am also asked if the patient’s benefit will be the same next year. We may be the last ones to learn this information, often not being informed until January 2. You are welcome to reach out to your insurance company to see if they will share that information with you.

The one fact that I cannot stress enough is that you should choose your Medicare Advantage plan for the health/medical benefits, not the hearing aid benefits. Having the appropriate medical care is primary and having hearing aid benefits is a bonus. Do your research!

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