Tampa Bay Hearing Aid Providers for Optimum Healthcare, Freedom Healthcare, Humana Gold Plus, are Plus Care Plus

A question our insurance team is often asked is if their Medicare plan covers the cost of hearing aids. Unfortunately, insurance coverage for hearing aids can be hard to figure out, and there is not one answer to this question.

While traditional Medicare does not cover hearing aids, many “Medicare Advantage”, or Medicare part C plans offer discounts or benefits towards the purchase of new hearing aids. A recent study shows approximately 88% of Medicare Advantage plans have either a benefit or discount pricing for hearing aids!

If you have Optimum Healthcare, Freedom Healthcare, Humana Gold Plus, or Care Plus, it’s likely you have coverage or a discount towards the purchase of hearing aids.

Hearing discounts and benefits are often through a third-party insurance (think of this as a bridge between your medical insurance and hearing aid coverage), which can be confusing to navigate on your own. Gardner Audiology is a proud in-network provider for most insurances and third-party plans. We welcome you to call our knowledgeable insurance team at 800-277-1182 and schedule an appointment to explore your insurance benefits.

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