Sweat is No Problem With These Hearing Aids

SE came to the Crystal River office to participate in a Field Study. She and her husband noted she had not been hearing well and felt it was time to seek help. The field study hearing aids were reviewed and SE was immediately drawn to the Starkey X110 hearing aids due to the seeming flexibility and water-tight features. She stated she wanted to hear more easily and was a known “sweat-er—no perspiring/glistening for this gal” and needed something she would be able to wear without worrying about constant breakdown. She had tried hearing aids several years earlier and she had constant problems with them cutting in and out when she sweat.

SE was fit with the Starkey X110 receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids one week later. At follow-up she stated it was truly amazing what she was hearing and her husband was thrilled. We increased gain for soft spoken speech as she had a little difficulty hearing her grandson. She also stated that upon reviewing further, she was wondering if the X70 hearing aid would be appropriate. I agreed to let her trial starting the following week. When I inquired about her “sweating” she stated so far she had not had any difficulties with the hearing aids cutting out on her but stated she had not “put them through the wringer yet”.

The following week stated she was still doing well. I fit her with the X70 hearing aids per her request for a two week comparison. Again, she felt she heard well in all situations and the hearing aids once again held up against her sweating.

In the end, SE decided to keep the X70 hearing aids. She felt they worked well in the situations she needed them to work in and they did not break down after several days of sweating. She was happy to be hearing and able to wear her hearing aids in all aspects of her life.

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