Surgery no longer a desired option for this successful Gardner Audiology hearing aid patient in Inverness, Florida

MC was originally seen in the Inverness office. She has a long history ear infections and ear surgeries in both ears. She is at the point where she no longer wants to consider surgeries and was ready to pursue amplification again (she had worn one hearing aid in the past). Upon consult, she had some hearing aid benefits through her insurance and wanted to keep her out of pocket to a minimum. She opted to trial a pair of Starkey 3 Series i20 receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids.

MC was fit and Live Speech Mapping utilized. She immediately loved the sound of the hearing aids and was looking forward to trying them in different situations. We added a second memory for noisy situations as she was an experienced hearing aid wearer. All of MC’s follow-ups were the same; she loved the hearing aids and was really enjoying wearing two, which she was not sure she would. Minor adjustments were only made at two of her appointments.

MC paid this past week and states she just loves hearing aids. The added bonus she felt, and at no additional cost to her, was that if needed at a later date she could add the Television streamer or a remote control for more functionality. We scheduled MC a two month appointment and she left very happy.

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