Starkey Wi110 Hearing Aids Give Relief to Zephyrhills Patient

SH is a longtime patient of Gardner Audiology’s Zephyrhills office. She has worn two different hearing aid sets over the years. The past 12-18 months she has been complaining of poor understanding in groups and noisy situations. She also struggles with the TV.

One month ago I fitted SH with a set of Starkey Wi110 RIC hearing aids. She told me in the office that my voice was clearer and she did not have to strain to understand me. When she returned for follow up, she told me she understands conversation much better with the new hearing aids and she is able to relax more during conversation.

While she is hearing the TV much better, she may opt to try the Surflink Media Device that streams television wirelessly to her hearing aids. Her son bought her a set of wireless headphones for TV, but she is uncomfortable wearing them and looks forward to hearing TV directly in her hearing aids.

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