Starkey Water Resistant Hearing Aids Are a Better Value

P.M. came in following internet research on waterproof and water–resistant hearing aids. He has worn hearing aids for approximately 10 years. He lives on the water, participates in many water activities and perspires heavily when working outside.

Following his testing we discussed Starkey hearing aids as they are rated as 100% water resistant. P.M. had done extensive research and had wanted to try a different hearing aid initially. P.M. was counseled and advised the Starkey hearing aids were smaller and less expensive than the one he was considering.

P.M. was fit with Starkey X110 Receiver-In-the-Canal hearing aids. He felt he was hearing very well and that they were in fact water-resistant. He still felt like he should try the other hearing aids so that he would know in his heart of hearts that he was getting the best hearing aid for him. He was then fit with this other companies thin tube hearing aid, which claims to be completely waterproof. P.M. paid the lab fees and set about a trial with the hearing aids. He once again states that they are indeed waterproof, but was not convinced that he was hearing better.

After two weeks P.M. decided that while the other hearing aid was indeed waterproof, he felt that was not hearing better with it. We moved him back to the Starkey X110 hearing aids and he feels he made the best decision for him.

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