Starkey Surflink Mobile Gave Him the Best Hearing Aid Value in Citrus County, Florida

WR came in to try new hearing aids in our current comparison field study. He wanted to compare with his most recent hearing aids to see if he could understand conversation and television better. He decided on trying the Starkey Wi110 wireless technology. He also opted to also try the wireless remote control and TV transmitter accessories with these hearing aids. The remote control allows him to make sound adjustments on the hearing aids. The streamer transmits television sound to the aids.

Towards the end of his trial he decided he would like to try an additional wireless accessory called the Starkey Surflink Mobile. This device combines remote control, a remote microphone, and Bluetooth for cell phones and other devices. The patient came in today after using it for one week very happy and excited over the fact he could hear on the cell phone for the first time in a long time. He also hears the TV better. He said it was worth the purchase price just to hear better on the phone!

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