Starkey Muse i2400 hearing aid enhances his enjoyment of the arts in Citrus County, Tampa Bay, Florida

SD came into Gardner Audiology on referral from a friend. He has never worn hearing aids and a bit anxious about trying them. RD reports having difficulty understanding television well, but also his wife is reporting he is not hearing her well and that the television is “just too loud”. SD participates in local arts productions and states he has difficulty understanding some of the younger members of the cast. He is physically active (biking, running and kayaking) and enjoys listening to music.

Because of his active lifestyle and varied social environments, SD decided to trial the Starkey Muse i2400 Receiver In The Canal (RIC) hearing aids. The fitting was verified with the manufacturer’s fitting software.

At first follow up he reports doing well and minor adjustments were made for wind and noise. While not hearing/understanding everything younger members of the cast would say at the previous weeks play rehearsal, it was better and he did not need to ask for repetition as often. We also added a dedicated music setting this week.

The new Muse hearing aids have a new “default” music setting which activates when music is detected (in both hearing aids if two) after three seconds. As he likes to listen to music for significant lengths of time (hours), we added the dedicated program. We can manipulate and fine tune in this dedicated music setting, allowing for patients to guide us making their musical experience even better.

Second follow up went well. He states he really enjoyed the music program and the natural sound quality of the music was exceptional. He was hearing music “as he remembered it”.

SD purchased his hearing aids at the end of the trial. He reports loving the opportunity to trial hearing aids without pressure. He is hearing better in all situations, and found the music setting to be “spot on”. Also, SD’s wife is very happy.

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