Starkey Livio Edge Artificial Intelligence Hearing Aids in Palm Harbor, FL

One of the major hearing aid manufacturers, Starkey, recently came out with a new model of hearing aids that has artificial intelligence (AI), called the Livio Edge AI. These are the highest level technology you can get in a hearing aid, and it has the sound quality and added features to prove it!

The Edge AI includes aggressive noise management for difficult listening environments with a lot of background noise – places like restaurants, stores, and group situations. Patients who have been wearing these hearing aids say that the sound quality is so natural, that if you didn’t know any better, you’d think they weren’t turned on!

The Edge AI offers connectivity to most models of smartphones. The hearing aids can connect to an app that can act as a remote control for volume and programs, as well as a few special features. For one, it has fall detection. If you ever fall, the app can notify up to 3 people that you have fallen and may need help. This technology is so sophisticated that it knows the difference between a fall and dropping the hearing aids. These hearing aids also offer language translation, fitness tracking, and music enhancement! The Livio also has language translation built into the instrument.

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