Starkey Livio Custom In-the-Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid Review

Starkey is currently the only major hearing aid manufacturer to offer a custom in-the-ear style hearing aid that is rechargeable. Gardner Audiology has been fitting patients with these hearing aids at all eight locations throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Patients have been especially interested in these hearing aids recently, as they do not interfere with wearing a mask.  

These hearing aids offer the most natural sound quality available in hearing aids. With advanced noise reduction technology, the wearer is able to focus in on conversations without the distractions created by nearby background noise. Being rechargeable, these hearing aids are somewhat more durable and water resistant compared to hearing aids that still operate using standard disposable batteries.  

Patients have also been especially liking the Bluetooth connectivity offered by these hearing aids! Using an app on your smartphone, patients now have more control over volume and sound quality than ever before. Depending on the model of your smartphone, you may even be able to stream a phone call or music directly to the hearing aids. Several patients have found it to be significantly easier to understand phone conversations when it streams directly to the hearing aids.  

The only down side to these custom rechargeable hearing aids is the size. Some patients were expecting the hearing aids to be smaller, though the size is largely due to the rechargeable battery. More often than not, patients have found that the size of the hearing aids is not a reason to return them.  

Overall, Gardner Audiology has found that patients have been extremely satisfied with their Starkey Livio custom in-the-ear rechargeable hearing aids. Our audiologists are highly trained to work with all Starkey products and are currently accepting new patients at all eight Gardner Audiology locations in Tampa Bay. Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email to schedule an appointment.  

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