Starkey Hearing Care Anywhere Testimonial

Hearing Care Anywhere is a remote programming feature offered by Starkey in their Thrive Hearing Control app. Our Patients with Starkey aids can request an adjustment remotely, and we can make the changes and send it back to your aids wherever you have internet services..

Recently a patient at Gardner Audiology, TF, tried using Hearing Care Anywhere for the first time…and loved it! TF is often around background noise at work. Using the Thrive app, he played around with the equalizer to find a setting that worked best for him in noise. TF loved the sound quality so much, that he sent in a remote request through Hearing Care Anywhere. His audiologist received the request and was able to copy those same settings into his hearing aid program. Now whenever TF is at work, it’s just a quick switch to his noise program and he is ready to go!

TF loved that he didn’t need to take time off work to come in for an appointment or wait to get an appointment; all he had to do was submit the request through Hearing Care Anywhere, and his audiologist was able to take it from there. It really is that easy!

To learn more or schedule a consult, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information.

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