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Starkey hearing aid repair Service in South Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

Starkey is a rugged hearing aid. It’s water tight design reduces the need for expensive repairs. Many times, a thorough cleaning solves the problem. Gardner Audiology stocks Starkey repair parts and can often repair their hearing hearing aids in our on site repair lab.

Starkey is one of the 6 largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. The customer service is top-notch.

Sometimes Starkey aids need to be shipped to Minneapolis for a factory repair. In these instances Gardner Audiology uses overnight delivery both ways. For your peace of mind, we use tracking numbers to follow your hearing aid to and return from repair. Call Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182.

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Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Founder and CEO of Gardner Audiology