Starkey Hearing Aid Providers in Spring Hill, Florida

Covid Update to our Valued Gardner Audiology Patients

Dr. Jodi Conter , a Gardner Audiologist in Spring Hill, is the most experienced Starkey hearing aid provider.

Starkey is an American qwned company based in Minnesota and has been in the business for over 53 years. The company that consistently innovates new products every year and always provides good customer service.

Have you heard about their latest innovation? The new model has fall detection, heartbeat monitoring, and live language translation all in one device? It is called the Starkey Livio Edge AI. This is a game-changing hearing aid that will take technology to a new height.

Starkey makes the Livio Edge AI in Receiver-In-The-Canal (RITE) models. They also make Behind-The-Ear (BTE), CROS, Invisible (IIC), Completely-In-Canal (CIC), In-The-Canal (ITC), and In-The-Ear (ITE) models. All are in the picture above. These models are available to be purchased at Gardner Audiology.

You can visit Dr. Conter to be fitted today at the Spring Hill at 13005 Spring Hill Dr. by calling 1-352-556-5257 or email at

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