Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories in Palm Harbor, Florida

Hearing aids are a great tool to help you hear better.  Sometimes, people need or want a little extra help in specific areas and that’s when hearing aid accessories can be beneficial.  Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida is an authorized Starkey hearing aid accessory provider.  Below are some examples of Starkey accessories that are compatible with Starkey Livio hearing aids.  

TV Streamer: 

Starkey’s TV streamer plugs into your television and allows streaming directly from the TV to your hearing aids.  That means you will hear the TV straight into your ears, like you are wearing headphones!  It offers excellent sound quality and can improve the intelligibility of the TV.  

Remote Microphone+: 

The Remote Microphone+ is a great option if you are still struggling to hear a loved one in more challenging listening situations, like a noisy restaurant or in the car.  The person you are speaking to clips the small microphone onto their shirt, and it brings their voice straight into your hearing aids, eliminating any other noise!  You can also use it to connect to your laptop or tablet and stream audio directly to your hearing aids. 

Table Microphone: 

The table microphone functions similarly to the Remote Microphone+ but is better for listening to groups of people.  It can be worn by one individual, or set on the table in a group of people, and can bring their voices straight into your hearing aids.  One of the most common complaints is hearing multiple talking, especially in a noisy environment, and the table microphone is a great fit! 

Not every patient needs accessories, but if you find you are still struggling with certain situations, they may be beneficial for you.  To schedule an appointment to discuss Starkey hearing aid accessories in Palm Harbor, Florida, contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or

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