Starkey Hear Now Foundation solves hearing puzzle for a Gardner Audiology patient in Citrus County, Florida

GB has been coming to the Crystal River office of Gardner Audiology for many years. Hearing aids have been out of reach for him financially and although we previously helped him acquire a hearing aid, it stopped working and he could not afford to have it repaired. Moisture was a major problem with his previous hearing aid and he knew that even if he had it repaired, he would continue to have moisture problems.

The last time GB came to see me, we determined that he would likely qualify for financial assistance through Hear Now, a Starkey Hearing Foundation program. He went to Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services for assistance applying and he was approved. I recently fitted him with two new water resistant hearing aids from Starkey. He was overcome with emotion at the difference hearing again has made in his life.

In GB’s words, imagine a conversation has 100 words, and you only hear 33 of them…at random. Your mind must search while the words are being said to find clues to fill in the blank. He said it is like trying to solve a puzzle with only 1/3 of the pieces. He is very pleased to say that he is hearing better in every listening situation, even in background noise. He is very appreciative of the assistance from Hear Now/Starkey Hearing Foundation, and that I would fit those hearing aids on him.

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