Starkey Genesis Ai Hearing Aid model 12 and model 16 Review

The Genesis Ai is Starkey’s newest hearing aid model on the market and was released February 2023. The Genesis AI is an upgraded model from their Evolv AI line and has different features but retains their use of artificial intelligence and use of their Deep Neural Network. The Genesis AI has a longer daily battery life, a new charger and a smaller and faster processor chip. Edge Mode+ is also offered with the Genesis AI in select models and is designed to analyze the environment so a user can optimize the hearing aids to their needs. Starkey still offers four different technology levels, ranging from entry/basic level to premium level: 12, 16, 20, 24. This review will focus on the lower two levels: the 12 and 16.  

The Genesis AI 12 is the basic hearing aid designed for very quiet lifestyles. The programming of the aid is a very broad adjustment as it is limited to 12 channels, which is ideal for very quiet situations where background noise does not interfere much. The noise management is turned on by default and will reduce background noises anywhere from 7 decibels and up to 10 decibels. Edge Mode is not available in this technology.  

The Genesis AI 16 is a mid-level technology hearing aid which is designed for quiet lifestyles. This model has more fine tuning than the 12 does as it allows for 16 channels of adjustments and also reduces background noise by up to 10 decibels. The 16 does offer access to Edge Mode+ via the My Starkey app. The Edge mode offers additional noise reduction. 

As usual, all technology levels are compatible with the free My Starkey App which allows for more user fine tuning. The app still includes features like Find My Hearing Aids, Telehealth access, Fall Alerts, and many more.  

Several patients who tried and kept the Genesis AI 16 said the clarity on the TV has improved immensely, church and grocery stores subjectively sound much better, and they are able to hear and understand others. One person stated they had an overall 90% improvement in hearing with the 16. Another person said there has been an overall 100% improvement with they are in a one-on-one conversation. 

One patient said their understanding in one-on-one conversations has overall improved 70-80% depending on the speaker with the Genesis AI 12. Several other patients have stated their overall relationship with their spouse has improved with either the 16 or 12. Overall, Gardner Audiology has seen lots of success with the Genesis AI line.  

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