Starkey Evolv AI vs. Livio AI hearing aids

Starkey, a major hearing aid manufacturer, this year released their new line of hearing aids, the Evolv AI. This comes after their Livio AI line of hearing aids that was released in 2020. The “AI” in both hearing aid lines stands for artificial intelligence. Starkey has described this as an advanced feature in their hearing aids that allow the hearing aids to make automatic adjustments based on the unique listening situation. In addition, Starkey’s goal in including artificial intelligence is to contribute to overall health and wellness along with hearing health.  

Starkey Livio AI and Evolv AI hearing aids are both great solutions for the management of hearing loss. However, there are distinguished features in newest Evolv AI hearing aids that may make them a definite go-to solution for an individual with hearing loss. First, the Evolv AI hearing aids come with more (up to 40%) noise reduction at all of their technology levels, allowing for more comfort in noisy environments. Second, the Fall Detection feature is now not only available in the premium technology level with Evolv AI, but now in all technology levels. When the Evolv AI hearing aids detect a fall, a notification will be sent to the patient’s listed contacts. Third, the Evolv AI line now includes a wireless capable completely-in-the-canal hearing aid, the smallest hearing aid Starkey has ever introduced that is able to be paired to a compatible smartphone. 

The Evolv AI line also has additional Thrive Hearing Control app perks for even more control in adjusting the hearing aids. First, for patients who have a compatible smartphone to use the Thrive app, Edge Mode, for even more comfort in noise, and Thrive Assistant, for virtual assistance with hearing aid use, are now available in the standard, advanced, and premium levels. To add, the Reminders feature that delivers in-app and calendar reminders (e.g. medication reminders) directly into the hearing aids is now available in all Evolv AI technology levels. 

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