St. Petersburg hearing aid patient confirms Consumer Reports

LP is an established patient wanting to try newer hearing aids. She was currently wearing 2008 hearing aids. Following her examination, she decided she would like to try the Starkey Ignite 20 Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. She was fit one week later and handled well.

At her follow-up visit she felt she was hearing well, but was curious if she would do just as well with the less expensive hearing aid. I ordered and fit her with the Starkey Aries thin tube hearing aid for comparison.

At her follow-up appointment, she handed the Aries back to me stating she was not hearing as well and would like her Ignite 20 RIC’s back. She was refit with the Ignite 20’s and given one final week for comparison.

At LP’s final follow-up, she stated she was hearing very well and she wanted to purchase the Ignite 20 hearing aids. She was extremely grateful that we allowed her to compare the hearing aids so she would know for sure she was making the best choice for her.

The Starkey Aries is a very good quality inexpensive hearing aid however it lacks the directional microphone technology of the Starkey Ignite 20 aids. Directional microphones are recommended in hearing aids by consumer reports. Gardner Audiology’s past consumer satisfaction research confirms that patients prefer hearing aids with directional microphones because there is less background noise. This patient also confirmed the benefit of directional microphones in hearing aids.

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